Hey everyone! I’m Lety!


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And I’m moving websites! Looong story there, but you’re on the new site right now (it’s got that weird little “stage” prefix in the URL), and you can check in on the old site over here. I just need a week or two to get us back down to just one site.

Of course, you can always catch up with me on my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I’m also a brand ambassador for Plexstorm where I livestream, a co-writer at Tracyverse Comics, and very soon a character in House Party!

If you want more cringy garbage, here’s my first YouTube channel full of even shittier videos and I have let’s plays for NSFW games over on my Pornhub.

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Was really hoping this "social media" thing was just a trend that wouldn't catch on

50 people just watched me play Monopoly by myself for an hour lmao

Just bought my first iPod

When you gag on your own spit, smh

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